SharePoint Calendar – View All Resources By Default

If we create a calendar for resource reservation may not be able to see the items created, because each time we enter this list you must select which resources you want to see.
To show you all we have to create the default calendar as follows:

1. Create New Group Calendar. Before click the "Create" button you must select 'More Options' and check 'Use This Calendar For Resource Reservations'.
2. Once the Group Calendar is created, go into List Configuration ('Calendar List Settings').
3. Go into 'Title, Description and Navigation'.
4. Set 'Use This Calendar For Resource Reservation' to 'No'.
5. In Calendar List settings: Go into 'Change New Button Order and Default Content Type'. You must check 'Reservations' and set it to first position (Default Content Type).

Now you have a normal Ribbon and Calendar, but when you create a new ítem, the calendar will let you select the resources. You will see all items by default and you don’t have to select which resource you want to see previously.


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  1. Mat says:

    absolutely amazing/ so many complicated way of ding this with jscript .. if you have that level of access to SharePoint. This was so simple and effective.

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