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In order to find the public key token of your project you need to follow this: 1. Open the Developer Command Prompt fot VS2012. 2. Write this command (Use full […]
You can obtain the Current Project Resource Rates by the following code in Visual Basic for Applications: Public Sub UpdateCostRates() Dim ProjectName As Project Set ProjectName = ActiveProject Dim N […]
Sometimes we could have some problems to access to a specific machine where we have some of our code checked out. Maybe the person who was programming those files left, […]
Sometimes, when you’re developing a visual web part, the designer file (with .g.cs extension) dissapears in front of your eyes. After finding nothing in the internet, we’ve just discovered why […]
ERROR Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {'XXX...'} failed due to the following error: 80040154. CAUSE You're trying to build your project in x86 and you've to […]
Podemos encontrarnos con una situación en la que necesitemos saber el número de filas o de columnas de una tabla dinámica (por ejemplo) en la que hay campos que para […]
Para crear un WebPart con código y añadirlo después a una página de SharePoint debemos seguir estos pasos: 1. Creamos un nuevo proyecto en Visual Studio 2010 a partir de […]